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Necklace Lengths

Here's useful information that you can use at your store and shows when figuring out the lengths of different type of necklaces.
Necklace Type
14 to 17 inches
16 to 18 inches
17 to 19 inches
20 to 25 inches
26 to 36 inches
37 inches or longer
Tip: Share this information with your staff as a great sales tool. Print this chart and place it in your cash register counter for easy access, better yet print extra copies and hand it out to your customers ~ they'll appreciate it!   

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Since 2008, we at Sosie Designs Jewelry have been making handcrafted jewelry in sterling silver and gold-filled featuring Swarovski Crystals, CZ's, freshwater pearls and semi-precious gemstones in earrings, necklaces, bracelets and wire-wrapped rings. All our jewelry items are designed for adults. Actual prices may vary from printed prices if there are extreme fluctuations in silver prices.