7 Things to Bring to a Trade Show



If you’re planning on attending your first trade show soon, or are still relatively new to the world of trade shows, I’d like to share my knowledge on what to bring. It can be difficult to know what to pack, so take a look below for a some ideas!

#1: Business Documents: Business Card, License, Permit, Credit Sheets, Credit Cards, Pens

You will likely need all these things at a trade show, so it’s smart to keep them handy just in case.


#2: A List of Items You’re Looking For, or a List of Vendors You Want to See

This will keep you on-track and organized.


#3: Cell Phone

To make calls, ensure you have the correct information, conduct a quick Google search, etc.


#4: Comfy Shoes

You’ll be walking a lot! You’ll want to make sure you are comfortable and prepared, and the right shoes are the perfect way to do this.


#5: Snacks and Water

This will keep you energized. Think about how long you plan to be there, the transportation time to and from the event, etc. Ideally, bring non-perishable food.


#6: Clothing – Dress For the Occasion

Wear comfortable clothes. Keep in mind: some convention venues are cold and some are warm, so plan accordingly. I personally suggest bringing a “spare” outfit – so if you dress for a cold venue, bring a backup outfit appropriate for warmer temperatures, just in case! (And vice versa).  


#7: A Large Bag (With Wheels, if Possible)

This is for catalogs, line sheets, purchase orders, notebooks, a planner, snacks, water, and so on. It will help you to not hurt yourself by carrying all these things. Additionally, it keeps all of your items in one secure place for easy access.


Looking for your next trade show to attend? Take a look at my schedule here for a few options – hopefully I’ll see you at one of them! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

~ Sonia

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