June’s Birthstone: Pearls

With June upon us, I thought it would be the perfect time to discuss this month’s birthstone – pearls! While they’re not technically gems, but minerals, they are often said to have many properties like that of a gemstone. For example, it is said that pearls are symbolic of purity, sincerity, security, and wisdom. It’s also often said that pearls hold messages of life lessons gained through experience and strength, with balancing properties as they are ruled by the Moon and the element of water.


From a scientific standpoint, pearls are formed by oysters protecting themselves from irritants found in their environments. This, in my opinion, can teach and show us the beauty in health and immunity. Additionally, there are many types of pearls – from the famous “Classic” pearl, to the Tahitian pearl, freshwater pearl, and even South Sea pearl (often the most sought-after form). The possibilities with these stunning minerals are seemingly endless!


Pearls also make lovely gifts – either for yourself, or a loved one. They can be worn casually or elegantly, depending on the number and size of the pearls you choose to wear. For example, a pair of lovely earrings that I have created – Vermeil Gold Cascading Pearl and Labradorite Earrings ($22.50), which you can view here, are the perfect statement pieces in any casual outfit, or more stylish attire. At Sosie Designs, we also offer stylized mermaid pearl necklaces, and more sets of pearl earrings that match perfectly with almost every outfit, for any occasion.


Finally, June is known as the month of radiance, and even one of the ideal months for weddings. This makes pearls the perfect gift not only for yourself or a loved one, but for a bride or bridesmaid! Pearls are one of my favorite materials and minerals to work with, as I love their gentle elegance and versatility in jewelry; I also love how this shows when they’re worn, as well!

I am so excited to have had the chance to share the beauty of pearls with you! They truly are one of nature’s wonders.

Write more soon!

~ Sonia


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