What is Druzy?

This is a question I am often asked. Some think it’s crystals, others think it’s a stylish embellishment to commonplace jewelry, but many are unsure altogether. As WhatIsDruzy.com so elegantly puts it, “Druzy is the glittering effect of tiny crystals over top a colorful mineral.” This effect is especially beautiful in jewelry, and when used in our creations.

Gold Druzy Quartz Studs Earrings 8mm - Black/Dark Grey

If it’s still not clear, Druzy is essentially a coating of tiny crystals on a top layer of a mineral, rock, geode, or gemstone. They are a wonderful (and often inexpensive) way to add flair to the average jewelry piece. My personal favorite uses of Druzy are on necklaces and earrings; I love how they can add embellishments to pretty much any outfit.

Another fun fact: Druzy is available in every color. From white to black, and all colors of the rainbow in-between, the possibilities are endless. There’s also many different shapes of Druzy, and varying sheens (for example, plain and angel aura-hued). They are a great way to accessorize, and are often highly coveted in the jewelry world.

Hopefully this provides you with a better idea as to what Druzy is, and is a great reference point for anyone curious about these gorgeous jewelry pieces. After all, what better trend to follow than these gorgeous glittering crystals?


Thanks for reading!

~ Sonia

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