Should You Attend a Wholesale Gift Trade Show?

Today’s post is going to be focused on answering a common question in the gift industry, both from beginners and experts, which is, ‘should you attend a wholesale trade show?’

My personal short answer to this question is: Yes. I think it’s a critical part of the business, and it’s imperative for retailers to spend time at wholesale trade shows, to thrive in this business. There are so many benefits to attending a wholesale trade show, even if you are not ready to buy or purchase items at the show, at the time.

Top 5 Benefits of attending a trade shows:

  1. Find current industry trends for your niche. See what’s hot, trending colors and new themes.
  2. Source new suppliers to add a fresh mix of merchandise and create excitement to your store. 
  3. Connecting with current suppliers and see what’s new.
  4. Network with other retailers similar to you, and learning from them – while also sharing your ideas with them.
  5. Learn new things! Many trade shows offer free classes to help your business; from social media, to merchandising. Not only are you receiving the benefits of networking and connecting with other (similar)retailers and suppliers, but you are also given the opportunity to learn new things about the gift business, as well as how to expand, network, and market your own business.

With that being said, some important dates to note is that I will be at the FMNC trade show in San Mateo (booth number 258 ) on June 24-26, 2018, as well as the July Atlanta Home & Gift Show (Building 3, Floor 1, Booth #826). I’m so excited to attend both events!

Thanks for reading!

~ Sonia

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