July is here, which means summer has arrived!

  Love Ruby Necklace

Some of my favorite materials to work with during this time of year are: eco sea glass, silver, as well as charms that resemble mermaids, the beach, or the ocean, and – of course – this month’s birthstone: Rubies.

Rubies are an important element to add into current inventories (especially during July), as they are the birthstone of this month. They make the perfect gift for the zodiac signs Cancers and (July-born) Leos, as well as ruby-lovers alike! Additionally, rubies are a popular and trendy accessory, and one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world.


Here are some of my own ruby-inspired creations you can view:

#6304-1 Gold Hamsa Necklace

#GRuby Ruby Gold Necklace

#2346 Love Script Necklace with Ruby


Also, if you’d like to shop these selections in person, you can view my 2018 Trade Show calendar for more details on events by clicking here. We’ve got beautiful jewelry that has elements of ruby, as well as many more other summer-inspired pieces!


Thanks for reading! Write more soon.

~ Sonia

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